New Alienware Command Center 6.x FAQ

Got questions about the new Alienware Command Center (AWCC)? Check out the FAQ below to answer all your questions!

What systems are currently compatible with Alienware Command Center 6.1?

  • Alienware x14 R2
  • Alienware x16
  • Alienware x16 R2 (new)
  • Alienware m18
  • Alienware m18 R2 (new)
  • Alienware m16
  • Alienware m16 R2 (new)
  • Alienware Aurora R16
  • Dell G15 5530
  • Dell G15 5535
  • Dell G16 7630

Which peripherals are supported by Alienware Command Center 6.1?

Note: Peripherals below are only supported with AWCC 6.1 when paired with the systems above or with all third-party systems. If you are using another Alienware or Dell G Series system with one of the peripherals below you can still access AWCC 5.x.

Mouse Keyboard Headset Display cont'd
AW310M AW310K AW520H AW2521H AW3420DW
AW320M AW410K AW720H AW2521HF AW3423DW
AW510M AW420K AW920H AW2521HFA AW3423DWF
AW610M AW510K AW2521HFL AW3821DW
AW620M AW920K AW2521HFLA AW5520QF
AW720M AW Pro Keyboard AW2523HF AW2720HFA
AW Pro Mouse AW2524H AW2721D
AW2720HF AW2723DF
AW2724DM AW2724HF
AW3225QF AW2725DF

What’s the latest version of AWCC 6.X?

The current version of AWCC is, A00 as of January 10th, 2024


- Fixed the issue where the internal keyboard is not detected on Dell G Series systems.
- Fixed the issue where the application window display is stretched.


- Added support to upgrade to the latest Alienware Command Center Application 6 version within the application.
- Added the option to disable Automated Experiences.
- Added support for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass stores.
- Added the option to enable Stealth Mode using Fn+F2 hotkey.
- Added support for Alienware peripherals on third-party systems.
- Added the New MUX Switch.
- Added the Alienware Pro Line Peripherals features including Battery Saving mode, Disable Key combos, and Grouped DPI and Polling rates.
- Updated the application to help you update your system and dongle firmware together.
- Supports the CPU Overclocking feature on selected Alienware Aurora 16 systems.

What are the improvements between AWCC 5.5.x and 6.0?

Alienware Command Center Version 6.0 is built on a new architecture with improved UI and UX. It enables you to access, monitor, and control your Alienware PC's performance, Alien FX, Alien FX Lighting, Peripheral Settings, and Game Library.

Will AWCC 6.X be available on my legacy Alienware or G Series system?

At this time, Alienware Command Center is available on our new family of Alienware and G Series laptops referenced in this document. We are currently exploring backwards compatibility and timing for it.

Can I install an older version of Alienware Command Center on my new Alienware or G Series laptop after AWCC 6.0 is installed?

No, attempts to install Alienware Command Center 5.5.x while Alienware Command Center 6.0 is installed, will trigger an automated abort.

I have AWCC 6.0 installed, why are there no devices detected?

Please check to see if the device you have connected is supported under AWCC 6.0. This info can be found under Dell Support website or our user guide.

I have AWCC 6.0 installed however I’m having issues with my attached peripherals:

Please check to ensure the latest version of AWCC 6.0 is installed on your system. To check which version you have installed open AWCC 6.0 and navigate to the Settings icon on the bottom left of the screen. The latest version of AWCC is:, A00
If your system has not automatically upgraded to the latest version, you can manually download the latest version by going to >> Drivers & Downloads.

How can I collapse or disable the performance overlay in AWCC 6.0?

To temporarily collapse the performance overlay click the Close "X" button or use the default hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+O for systems with Intel CPUs and Ctrl+Shift+Y for systems with AMD CPUs) to collapse or expand it.

Note: A colored bar will remain on the screen when the overlay is collapsed, clicking on the colored bar will re-expand the overlay.

If you prefer to disable the performance overlay altogether you can navigate to Settings >> Overlay and unselect the "Automatic launch overlay in game mode" checkbox. 

What are the automated features within AWCC 6?

Alienware Command Center 6 has features that are designed to automatically adjust your lighting and performance presets based on the games you are playing and automatically detect compatible games within the Game Library.
Automated Performance Presets: When a user starts playing a game recognized by AWCC 6, the preset will automatically switch from the selected system mode preset to the game mode preset. As a default, your game mode preset will be set to Performance.
Automated AlienFX: When a user starts playing a game recognized by AWCC 6, all the system lighting zones will automatically switch to the dominant color in the game cover art.

Can I disable the automated features?

Yes! For those users who want to disable automated performance present and/or AlienFX switching, you can navigate to Global Settings >> Automated Experiences.


What is Stealth Mode?

Enabling Stealth Mode turns off all AlienFX lighting to quickly transition to quiet and discreet gameplay and PC use and decreases fan noise by switching your system to the Quiet performance preset.
Stealth Mode can be enabled and disabled using the Fn +F2 hotkey.
 It’s an appealing feature for those who want a gaming laptop they can take anywhere with the ability to effortlessly cloak its gamer aesthetic, as needed.

Is Stealth Mode available on all Alienware platforms?

Stealth Mode is only available on the following systems:
  • Alienware m16 R2
  • Alienware m18 R2
  • Alienware x16 R2


If you are on "stealth mode" and decide to open a game, will AWCC automatically disable it and go back to performance with lights, or will the user needs to open AWCC and enable performance mode?

It will stay in Stealth Mode. If someone wants to game, we advise them to turn off Stealth Mode.

I have an Alienware Pro [Mouse/Keyboard], why am I not able to access AWCC 6 on my Alienware system?

At this time, the new features for the AW Pro Mouse and Keyboard offered by AWCC 6 are available on the following Alienware Systems (See Q1) and third-party systems.
  • Alienware x14 R2
  • Alienware x16
  • Alienware x16 R2 (new)
  • Alienware m18
  • Alienware m18 R2 (new)
  • Alienware m16
  • Alienware m16 R2 (new)
  • Alienware Aurora R16
  • Dell G15 5530
  • Dell G16 7630

Folks with 2022 Alienware systems will also be able to update to AWCC 6 in Q2 2024.

  • Alienware x14 R1
  • Alienware x15 R2
  • Alienware x17 R2
  • Alienware m15 R7
  • Alienware m17 R5
  • Alienware m17 R5 Ryzen Edition
  • Alienware Aurora R15
  • Alienware Aurora R15 Ryzen Edition
For 2021 Alienware systems and prior, we are still exploring backwards compatibility and timing.

What are the new features for Alienware Pro Mouse and Keyboard?

  • CP Pro Advanced features:
    • Battery Saving Mode
    • Disable Key Combos
    • Grouped DPI & Polling rates
    • Firmware update - with combined upgrade process for Device and Dongle

Which game stores are supported by AWCC 6?

  • Xbox Game Pass
  • EA Play
  • Epic Games
  • Steam
  • Uplay

How does the MUX Switch in AWCC 6 work?

A MUX switch (or Multiplexer) is a physical switch in the motherboard that lets you disable the integrated graphics (iGPU) in your gaming laptop so your system can take full advantage of the more powerful discrete graphics (dGPU).This will give you a performance boost while gaming, however, will come at the expense of shorter battery life. For the best gaming experience, we recommend enabling this feature while your system is connected to the AC adapter.

To disable the iGPU and take full advantage of the dGPU within AWCC 6 turn the MUX Switch ON.

 Note: A system restart is required after switching this feature on/off.

How can I install AWCC 6 on my non Alienware/Dell G Series systems to customize my supported Alienware peripherals?

  1. On, navigate to Support >> Drivers & Downloads
  2. Find your Alienware peripheral under “Identify your product” then scroll down and select the latest version of the Alienware Command Center 6.x (3rd Party) application.