Alienware Command Center Updates

We have had a lot of requests from the community to know more about what we've been working on in terms of the new Alienware Command Center 6.0 and the team wants to share what they have been working on and what's coming next.

Improvements Made:

  • Upgrade issues from systems shipped with 5.x and earlier versions of 6.0
  • Optimizations to improve overall system performance
  • Fixes to Alienware peripherals connectivity issues
  • UI/UX improvements & bug fixes

Issues we are prioritizing:

  • On/off toggle switch for automated experiences so you have more control over your performance presets and AlienFX lighting.
  • Slow app loading/startup time
  • Adding "Go Dark"/"Go Dim" feature to help quickly turn off or adjust RGB lighting
  • Improvements to AlienFX lighting to help make the experience smoother.

Additionally, legacy migration continues to be a top priority, however, we wanted to make sure we focused on improving the 6.0 experience first. We will share more updates on backward compatibility and timing soon, but we wanted to assure you that it was still on the roadmap.

As well, if you want to see Alienware Command Center in action, Join Jon and the Alienware team Thursday, July 13th at 3pm ET on for a deep dive into all the features out now!