Alienware Command Center 6.2 FAQ

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We released AWCC 6.2 on 3/20/24, see the new updates below.

What systems are currently compatible with Alienware Command Center 6.x?

  • Alienware x14 R2
  • Alienware x16
  • Alienware x16 R2
  • Alienware m18
  • Alienware m18 R2 
  • Alienware m16
  • Alienware m16 R2
  • Alienware Aurora R16
  • Dell G15 5530
  • Dell G15 5535
  • Dell G16 7630
  • Alienware x14 R1 (new)
  • Alienware x15 R2 (new)
  • Alienware x17 R2 (new)
  • Alienware m15 R7 (new)
  • Alienware m17 R5 (new)
  • Alienware m17 R5 Ryzen Edition (new)
  • Alienware Aurora R15 (new)
  • Alienware Aurora R15 Ryzen Edition (new)

What’s the latest version of AWCC 6.x? 

  • The current version of AWCC is, A00 as of March 20, 2024

Fixes & Enhancements:

  • AWCC 6 support for 2022 Alienware systems (see Q1 for list of supported systems)
  • Fixed an issue where Alienware x16R2 configurations that don’t support touchpad lighting showed the option to configure lighting within AWCC 6.x
  • Ability to configure Sleep Mode settings for the Alienware Pro Mouse and Keyboard
  • Onboard memory for the Alienware Pro Keyboard
  • User notification to upgrade supported Alienware Headset firmware with Dongle firmware
  • User notification when polling rate changes between wired and wireless connections
  • User notification when a non-AWCC 6 supported Alienware display or peripheral is connected to your system.
  • Ability to enable and disable Stealth Mode within the AWCC 6 UI 

What is the difference between AWCC 5.x and AWCC 6.x?

  • AWCC 6.x includes: 
    • Improved User Interface and User Experience - The improved UI/UX helps users find what they need and make changes intuitively and easily, including performance pre-sets, AlienFX lighting, AlienFX settings on peripherals, and gaming library.
    • Brand new architecture - The new architecture provides more stability in the app, for a simplified experience and easy updating.

Will my profiles be migrated?

  • No, any performance or AlienFX lighting profiles or settings created in AWCC 5.x will not be migrated to AWCC 6.x upon upgrade. 

Can I go back to AWCC 5.x after upgrading to AWCC 6.x?

  • Yes, users will be able to return back to AWCC 5.x by manually uninstalling AWCC 6.x and manually installing AWCC 5.x from >> Support >> Drivers & Downloads. See here for steps to uninstall AWCC 6

When will my 2022 Dell G Series and 2021 Alienware and older systems be supported by AWCC 6.x?

  • For 2022 Dell G Series/2021 Alienware and prior systems we are still exploring backwards compatibility and timing.

How can I download AWCC 6.x if I have a compatible Alienware system launched in 2022?

  • There are 2 methods available to access AWCC 6:
    1. Navigate to > Support > Drivers and Downloads, then enter the name of the system and scroll down to find the latest version of Alienware Command Center 6 available for your device. 
    2. If you have purchased an Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse or Keyboard you will also receive a pop-up notification to download the latest version of AWCC 6. 

This pop-up appeared while I was installing AWCC 6.2, what does this mean?

  • To successfully upgrade to AWCC 6 users will need to have a minimum of AWCC  installed. To manually upgrade to the latest version of AWCC 5.x go to >> Support >> Drivers & Downloads. See more details here

I upgraded from AWCC 5.x to AWCC 6.x and am having issues with the performance section of the app, what could be causing this?

  • Users upgrading from AWCC 5.x to AWCC 6 will need to ensure they have the latest version of the System BIOS running on their device. To download the latest version of the System BIOS for your specific device navigate to >> Support>> Drivers & Downloads.